Registration Open: International Conference of Hate Studies

Registration is now open to attend the International Conference on Hate Studies, sponsored by the Gonzaga Institute for Hate Studies (GIHS), which will be held online November 4-6, 2021. You can register here:

Featured speakers include Kathleen Blee, Eric Ward, Connie Chung Joe, Rachel Rivas, and others. More information about the conference can be found here: A full schedule will be posted soon.

(I’m helping with conference planning and chairing a plenary session; I also have a panel with Dr. Ronald Beiner, author of Dangerous Minds–we’ll be doing a panel on “fascism creep” in academia and what we can do to stay alert and resist fascists who try to infiltrate or co-opt the academy. But mainly I really just think you should check out the conference, whether you are an academic/researcher or activist–GIHS is a great project and needs a particularly strong conference this year to continue to get the support it needs to grow its work and demonstrate its contribution to the Gonzaga University campus community.)

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