International Conference of Hate Studies, April 20-22

The International Conference of Hate Studies is coming up April 20-22. There is still time to register to attend online or in person: International Conference on Hate Studies | Gonzaga University. As keynote speaker committee chair, I recruited most of the featured speakers: Featured Speakers | Gonzaga University. I’m so excited about so many aspects of this conference.Continue reading “International Conference of Hate Studies, April 20-22”

Report-backs: Antifascism; Theological Perspectives

Here’s some media coverage of the February panel on antifascism. It was a delight to share a platform with Shane Burley and Shon Meckfessel, discussing our contributions to the new book No Pasaran: Antifascist Dispatches from a World in Crisis, edited by Shane Burley: I also enjoyed being interviewed recently by Joseph Peterson, who attended theContinue reading “Report-backs: Antifascism; Theological Perspectives”

Updates: Patriot Front Arrests, Conference Deadline Extended

Some quick updates: At the end of October and beginning of November, fascist/white supremacist group Patriot Front did graffiti on Gonzaga University’s campus. There were two incidents, both involving spray-painting a Patriot Front slogan, the anti-indigenous slogan “Not Stolen—Conquered.” Two of three people were caught and arrested the second time this occurred: 2 arrested after whiteContinue reading “Updates: Patriot Front Arrests, Conference Deadline Extended”

International Conference of Hate Studies, April 20-23, 2023

Submissions are now open for the 7th International Conference of Hate Studies, sponsored by the Gonzaga Center for the Study of Hate, to be held April 20-23, 2023 at Spokane Community College. Submissions are now being welcomed here, through November 15: Keynote plenary speakers this year include, with more to come: Arun Kundnani, ZoeContinue reading “International Conference of Hate Studies, April 20-23, 2023”

Upcoming Webinar: Problems with “Countering Extremism”

I am excited about an upcoming free webinar that I organized in May and am chairing, sponsored by the U.K.-based Network for the Ethics of Researching the Far Right (EthEx): “Problems with ‘Countering Extremism,’” on Wednesday September 21, 11:00am Pacific Time. Description and free registration are available here: Problems with “Countering Extremism” Tickets, Wed, SepContinue reading “Upcoming Webinar: Problems with “Countering Extremism””

Panel on Racism and Mass Shootings, Redux

Spokane Faith and Values (FAVs) is hosting a Part II of the discussion from the panel I was on in June: Sunday, August 7, 2pm PST at The Hive, 2904 E. Sprague Avenue, Spokane, and also live streamed on FAVs’ Facebook page. Panel announcement can be found here. Spokane FAVs Facebook page can be foundContinue reading “Panel on Racism and Mass Shootings, Redux”

Why Reporting on the Highland Park Shooting Should Not Have “Trusted the Experts”

I have a new article out in RANGE, a local progressive news outlet and podcast: Experts who study far-right mass violence must center the communities affected ( After the Highland Park mass shooting on July 4, I was troubled by some of the media coverage. There was a reliance on particular “experts” on far-right violence.Continue reading “Why Reporting on the Highland Park Shooting Should Not Have “Trusted the Experts””

Recent and Upcoming Talks

A few updates: In early June I spoke to Spokane Faith and Values (Spokane FAVs) on a panel responding to recent hate incidents and mass shootings. The other panelists were Dr. Pui-Yan Lam, Professor of Sociology and Justice Studies at Eastern Washington University; Angela Schwendiman, Director of Africana Studies at Eastern Washington University; and AmyContinue reading “Recent and Upcoming Talks”

Panel: Responding to Racist Violence and Mass Shootings

I am speaking Sunday, June 12, at 2:00 pm on Spokane Faith and Values (Spokane FAVs) “Coffee Talk: Building Dialogue for Justice in Response to Hate & Violence.” We are especially reflecting on the racist attack in Buffalo and the mass shooting of children in Texas. More information can be found here.