Rehired! And other updates

This summer I applied and was rehired for a full-time Lecturer position in Philosophy for up to three years at Gonzaga University. I am so glad that I get to stay in Spokane a while longer, to continue my work in Philosophy and Leadership Studies and with the Gonzaga Institute for Hate Studies at Gonzaga University, as well as to continue my broader community work in the Spokane area.

This fall:

  • I will be giving an invited zoom lecture on the dangers of antisemitic conspiracy theories against the Frankfurt School, for the Bündnis Gegen Antisemitismus (Alliance Against Antisemitism), based in Cologne, Germany.
  • I will conduct a training for teachers and staff at an elementary school on countering white nationalist recruitment in schools.
  • Together with Devin Shaw (author of Philosophy of Antifascism), I will be presenting on resisting fascism in an online “Radical Philosophy Hour” for the Radical Philosophy Association.
  • I will be speaking at the International Herbert Marcuse Society conference, Radical Philosophy Association conference, and International Conference on Hate Studies.

A few other pieces of news:

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