Upcoming Talks in 2020

I have a number of upcoming talks in 2020:

In January and February, I am giving a number of talks as the 2020 Chertok Lecture speaker at Eastern Washington University. The main talk, on January 23, is on “Understanding and Resisting White Nationalism in the U.S. Today.” I will also be giving separate talks to student activists at EWU, to faculty at Gonzaga University and EWU on the question of white nationalist organizing on campuses and how to push back, and as part of a panel on whiteness.

In April, I will be flying to San Francisco for the Pacific conference of the American Philosophical Association, where I will be on panels for the Radical Philosophy Association (a panel I organized) and for the North American Society for Social Philosophy. Both panels are covering the themes of racism, authoritarianism, and far-right populism.

In April and May, I am speaking to two conferences of practitioners in Spokane on how to counter white nationalist recruitment of youth. One is a workshop for teachers, and the other is the east-side conference of the Washington Association of School Social Workers.

At the beginning of October, I’ll be speaking in Buffalo, NY at the Buffalo Conference on the Reception of Critical Theory. The conference is convened by John Abromeit, and he has recruited some big names, including Seyla Benhabib and (one of my personal Critical Theory heroes) Stephen Eric Bronner. I am on a panel with Martin Jay, addressing the far-right’s reception of Frankfurt School Critical Theory. I plan to speak on my research on the antisemitic conspiracy theory of “Cultural Marxism” as well as the influence of far-right intellectual and mentor of Richard Spencer, Paul Gottfried, on right-wing critical theory journal Telos.

In addition, I’ll be giving some smaller talks to local organizations, including the St. Aloysius Catholic Parish young adults group (on interfaith dialogue and Islamophobia/antisemitism) and the Spokane Democratic Socialists of America (on local hate groups and how we can push back). As event announcements and Facebook events are put out, I will try to keep you all updated.

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