New Article, Conferences, and Fighting Islamophobia

The latest issue of the Journal of Hate Studies is now available (open access) online: It includes my article, “Void and Idol: A Critical Theory of the Neo-Fascist Alt-Right.” There are some other articles I can’t wait to read!

It has been a busy couple of weeks. I participated in the Western States Center’s Activists Mobilizing for Power (AMP) conference, held in Spokane this year. I particularly enjoyed the panel on Islamophobia, and the panel on the far-right conducted by Political Research Associates. I made a lot of great connections for future collaboration.

The following weekend, I participated in the ERIP (Ethnic, Race, and Indigenous Peoples Conference) at Gonzaga University and presented a paper on Erich Fromm’s influence in the Caribbean and Mexico. (It’s long past time to “creolize” the Frankfurt School, as Lewis Gordon and others in the Caribbean Philosophical Association might put it.)

I’m currently excitedly participating in organizing a couple of upcoming events in Spokane on Islamophobia. In light of the current turn against Islamophobic State Representative Matt Shea, with even some local Republican leaders condemning Shea’s extremism, it seems to me that this could hardly be more timely. (Shea has fear-mongered against numerous groups, but he has targeted Muslim groups particularly, even starting a chapter of anti-Muslim hate group Act for America.)

Aneelah Afzali, Director of the American Muslim Empowerment Network, and Lutheran pastor Terry Kyllo will be presenting at two events:

*Thursday, October 3, 6pm in the Auditorium at Jepson Center at Gonzaga University, they will be presenting their “Faith Over Fear Roadshow,” helping us to understand the Islamophobia industry. The talk is sponsored by the Gonzaga Institute for Hate Studies.

*Saturday, October 5, 2pm-4pm, Aneelah and Pastor Terry will be conducting a training for community allies on resisting Islamophobia, at the Spokane Valley’s Islamic Center (6411 E. 2nd, Spokane Valley).

Both events are free; the public talk on October 3 is a good introduction to the topic, while the training on October 5 is aimed at community members who want a more in-depth plunge focused on putting ideas into practice.

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