Racism and Antisemitism Panel, Other updates

The panel discussion sponsored by local Jewish congregations and Jewish Family Services, on the topic of intersections and distinctions between antisemitism and anti-Black racism, went well. The Spokesman-Review covered the event here: https://www.spokesman.com/stories/2022/feb/28/separate-histories-and-shared-challenges-temple-be/. A video of the panel is available here, via the Temple Beth Shalom website. Local interfaith newspaper Fig Tree did a nice write-upContinue reading “Racism and Antisemitism Panel, Other updates”

Upcoming Panel on Antisemitism and Anti-Black Racism

I’m speaking on a panel on Sunday, February 27 at 10:30am PT, “Separate Histories, Common Challenges,” cosponsored by Temple Beth Shalom and Spokane Jewish Family Services. The panel covers intersections between racism and antisemitism in light of current resurgent white supremacy in the U.S. The other panelists are Spokane NAACP president Kiantha Duncan; Eastern Washington UniversityContinue reading “Upcoming Panel on Antisemitism and Anti-Black Racism”

New Book Review

I took a little break from researching the far-right (although I did mention QAnon midwives!) to just do some basic left theory/Critical Theory stuff. Here’s my review of Jeffery Nicholas’s book Love and Politics: https://marxandphilosophy.org.uk/reviews/19834_love-and-politics-persistent-human-desires-as-a-foundation-for-liberation-by-joan-braune-reviewed-by-joan-braune/. (This is my seventh review for Marx & Philosophy Review of Books!)

Remembering Bill Morlin

Bill Morlin, a legendary Spokane journalist and Southern Poverty Law Center writer and researcher, recently passed. His courageous reporting on the Aryan Nations compound in north Idaho was essential for this region’s pushback against white supremacist hate. I didn’t know Bill as well I’d like, but I was honored to share my appreciation of hisContinue reading “Remembering Bill Morlin”

New Article: How Fascism Lies and Denies

My latest article, “Review Essay: Fascism and Eluded Truths,” is now published in public access format in the latest issue of journal on psychoanalysis and culture, Free Associations. The article reflects on three recent books that all address fascism’s dishonesty and denialism: Claudia Leeb’s The Politics of Repressed Guilt: The Tragedy of Austrian Silence; FedericoContinue reading “New Article: How Fascism Lies and Denies”

Welcoming Afghan Families to Spokane

Bridges Not Walls (a Muslim-Catholic dialogue and friendship group in Spokane that I’m involved in) is cosponsoring this event Saturday with our friends at MCAS (Muslims for Community Action and Support), along with other local groups: Saturday, Dec. 11, 2-5pm at the Women’s Club of Spokane (1428 W. 9th Ave.). All are welcome. Drop byContinue reading “Welcoming Afghan Families to Spokane”

Video: Talk Countering Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory, “Cultural Marxism”

Here is the video from my talk on Monday, November 29, to Bündnis Gegen Antisemitismus Köln (Alliance Against Antisemitism, Cologne, Germany). I enjoyed the discussion and hope that this explanation of the conspiracy theory of “cultural Marxism”–which is not just about opposition to the Frankfurt School’s ideas, but repackages the conspiracy theory of Judeo-Bolshevism forContinue reading “Video: Talk Countering Antisemitic Conspiracy Theory, “Cultural Marxism””

Upcoming Talk Countering Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories

On Monday, November 29, 10:30 a.m. PST, I will be speaking online to Bündnis Gegen Antisemitismus – Köln (Alliance Against Antisemitism – Cologne, Germany) on the antisemitic conspiracy theory of “Cultural Marxism” and how the conspiracy theory is spreading as well as undermining antiracist education through the overlap of this conspiracy theory with conspiracy theoriesContinue reading “Upcoming Talk Countering Antisemitic Conspiracy Theories”

Radical Philosophy Hour: Video

If you missed it, a video of Devin Shaw’s and my presentations on fascism for the Radical Philosophy Association is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hi0kcblJrbQ&t=2548s. (My presentation was on the limits of counterextremism discourse for understanding fascism, and there was a lot of nice overlap and harmony between Devin’s presentation and mine.)

Ethics of Researching the Far Right

I am excited to be co-editing a book on the Ethics of Researching the Far Right, a project of the U.K.-based EthEx Network (Network for Critical Research on the Ethics of Researching the Extreme and Far Right). Please see the call for papers here, and share with those who may be interested: Call for papers:Continue reading “Ethics of Researching the Far Right”