New Article, Conferences, and Fighting Islamophobia

The latest issue of the Journal of Hate Studies is now available (open access) online: It includes my article, “Void and Idol: A Critical Theory of the Neo-Fascist Alt-Right.” There are some other articles I can’t wait to read! It has been a busy couple of weeks. I participated in the Western States Center’sContinue reading “New Article, Conferences, and Fighting Islamophobia”

Latest Research Projects

It’s hard to believe it’s already the first week of September. I’ve received edits/feedback back for three of my current projects: A journal article critiquing the antisemitic conspiracy theory of “Cultural Marxism.” (I study the Frankfurt School and fascists, so it’s about time I finally wrote something debunking the fascists’ conspiracy theory according to whichContinue reading “Latest Research Projects”

Welcome — Dr. Joan Braune’s Research and Community Work

I’ve started this blog to help people stay in touch with me about my work in Hate Studies and Critical Theory, as well as my developing community-based work, including trainings for teachers and others on preventing fascist/white nationalist recruitment of youth and students around the country. I’m Dr. Joan Braune. I’m an academic and aContinue reading “Welcome — Dr. Joan Braune’s Research and Community Work”